Flamenco Rosario

.Flamenco Rosario holds a mandate to develop dance, music, and dance artists in both the authentically traditional and contemporary innovative styles of Flamenco. The company shares its passion for flamenco’s raw, emotional power and disciplined musicality through performances, workshops and professional training across Vancouver.

A unique quality of flamenco is that it develops and evolves as a cultural form while maintaining strong ties with tradition and history. Known for its spirited, fiery, creative, and original performances and collaborations, Flamenco Rosario continues to honour the rich flamenco tradition and produce work that stretches the boundaries and evolution of the art form.

The company was founded in 1989 under the direction of Artistic Director Rosario Ancer and Musical Director Victor Kolstee. As an interpreter of flamenco dance, Artistic Director Rosario Ancer is interested in the continuing growth and evolution of the art form, rather than simply reiterating its past. The company explores the possibilities of flamenco by crossing boundaries of history and culture, incorporating dancers from other dance traditions, international dance artists, musicians and vocalists into the development of new work.

Flamenco Rosario activities include the popular Cuadro Flamenco series featuring traditional dance styles, the Flamenco Festival showcasing local and national and international guest artists, and main-stage performances allowing for artistic experimentation. The company continues to honour the rich flamenco tradition and to produce presentations which stretch the boundaries and evolution of the art form.

Through her works, Rosario Ancer has created a platform where flamenco and a new generation of flamenco artists can flourish in Vancouver, creating an eastward bridge that connects the wide national flamenco community

Flamenco Rosario