Vancouver International Flamenco Festival

Vancouver International Flamenco Festival

One of the few celebrated festivals devoted to Flamenco Art outside of Spain, the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival has has grown from its beginnings in 1990 to a mature understanding of Vancouver’s multicultural audiences by nurturing the dance form’s hybridized roots in Sephardic, Persian, Gypsy and Indian cultures and by striving to reflect and connect its diverse, sociocultural identity through narratives underlining flamenco’s universal message of humanistic tolerance.

Now a week-long annual event, the festival lends its visibility throughout multiple venues and locales in Vancouver, from Granville Island’s Waterfront Theatre to downtown’s Playhouse Theatre, Scotiabank Dance Centre, the Vancouver Public Library, and Lower Mainland’s Centro Flamenco and Jazz Cellar. The festival brings the city into stronger light for younger generations of dancers all around the world, creating new relationships with growing sister organizations across Canada, and helping to forge a more integrated Canadian identity of flamenco.

Vancouver International Flamenco Festival

On the 2018 Vancouver International Flamenco Festival

The turn of the season from summer to fall was marked once again in high style by the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival. Headliner Sara Calero opened the six evenings of performance with her work Petissa Loca (Little Crazy Girls) performed at the Playhouse theatre with singer Loreto Arnaiz and guitarist Jose Almarcha. Inspired by the immigrant experiences of Calero’s family, Petissa Loca featured songs and poetry spoken by Arnaiz in Spanish.

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On the contribution of the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival

“Flamenco is moving its way around the world expressing our identity and expressing what we are as individuals.”

“This flamenco festival serves as a gathering place for this growing community of local, national, and international artists.”

“It was a great opportunity to see how flamenco still has the messages throughout the world.”

“This flamenco festival takes the audience through its continual evolution as music, song, and dance.”

“Everywhere he places a seed, it grows.”

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Flamenco Rosario

.Flamenco Rosario holds a mandate to develop dance, music, and dance artists in both the authentically traditional and contemporary innovative styles of Flamenco. The company shares its passion for flamenco’s raw, emotional power and disciplined musicality through performances, workshops and professional training across Vancouver.

Flamenco Rosario