KW Studios

KW studios are multipurpose production and performance spaces available to rent to the community to support low-income, non-profit, indigenous and Downtown Eastside artists. The spaces consist of a 1,051 sq. ft. dance studio on the main floor and a 3,802 sq. ft. production studio with attached recording studio, dressing room and servery in the basement. Both spaces feature harlequin vinyl sprung dance floors, lights and lighting grid, recording and live sound gear, projector and screen, green screen and a full outlining curtain track.

In October of 2014, Vancouver City Council unanimously approved a recommendation that Kokoro Dance Theatre Society be the primary tenant of  this 7,168 sq. ft. of community amenity space at 111 West Hastings Street and 351 Abbott Street to be shared with the Vancouver International Dance Festival Society, Vancouver Moving Theatre Society, and Raven Spirit Dance Society.

The studios, now named KW Studios, have undergone $900,000 worth of renovations and improvements to convert them to dynamic and creative spaces for dance, theatre, music, rehearsal, creation, production, and recording purposes. KW Studios has a specific mandate to provide spaces primarily to not-for-profits, Indigenous and low-income arts groups in the Downtown Eastside at affordable rates.

KW Production Studio

The KW Production Studio is in the basement of the Woodward’s Heritage Building and consists of a large studio with a useable area of approximately 32’ x 50’; accessible public washrooms; a lockable dressing room with toilet, sink, mirrors, and accessible showers; a servery room with sink and fridge; a control room with recording equipment; and an isolation recording room. The studio has a sprung dance floor covered by a dark grey, seamless, Harlequin Cascade vinyl floor. The KW Production Studio is best-suited for rental as a site-specific, non-traditional performing space, rehearsal space, or production studio.

The KW Production studio is fully soundproofed and has the capability of going to a full black out. This makes it incredibly suitable for audio and video production work.There are over 40 state of the art theatre lights attached the lighting grid. The lighting grid covers a range of performing area options and is 12.5’ above the floor. The lighting control booth is flexible in terms of its location.The KW Production Studio’s maximum capacity is 175 people standing, audience seating capacity is limited depending on the chosen seating configuration. There are 70 folding chairs available for audience seating. Seating risers can be arranged at an additional cost and with prior consultation. There are two public accessible washrooms just outside the studio. There is one dressing room with a sink, toilet, accessible showers, and mirrors. The dressing room is lockable. There is a loading area with a loading dock at the basement level.

KW Atrium Studio

The KW Atrium Studio is located next to the Woodwards Atrium space situated between the entrances of London Drugs and Nesters Market. The Atrium Studio is a 22’ x 30’ studio with glass walls, tons of natural light, high ceilings, and an accessible public washroom. The Studio has a sprung dance floor covered by a seamless dark grey Harlequin Cascade vinyl floor. The KW Atrium Studio is best-suited as a teaching or rehearsal Studio, and a site-specific non-traditional performing space.The KW Atrium Studio’s maximum capacity for rentals is 70 people standing. Audience seating capacity is limited depending on the seating configuration chosen. There are over 70 folding chairs available in the KW Production Studio downstairs that may be used for audience seating provided they are not already in use. Renters should note that public entrance to the KW Atrium Studio is available through the Atrium Studio doors during open Woodward’s Atrium hours, – Monday to Friday: 8AM – 10PM, Saturday: 9AM – 10PM, Sunday: 9AM – 8PM, Stat Holidays: 9AM – 9PM. There is no public entrance to KW Atrium Studio during closed Atrium hours.The Atrium Studio has glass walls on three sides with perimeter curtains offering a near full blackout and full studio privacy. Due to the location of the Atrium Studio, special consideration must be taken as to the overall sound volume loudness and visual content of activity within the Studio.

KW Recording Studio

KW Recording Studio features a state of the art analog/digital recording outfit equipped with an Universal Audio Apollo system for virtual analog zero latency tracking, 32 fully patch-able input channels, professional microphones / outboard gear and independent Behringer powerplay headphone mixers. The KW Production studio room doubles as a large live tracking room. Complete with variable room tuning due to the adjustable side curtains. The studio features a mixing room, a separate isolation booth and several XLR patch bays allowing access to each room including the servery and dressing rooms. The recording studio is available on hourly or daily basis with engineer or also available to engineers looking for a space to record.

KW Studios