Mascall Dance’s Bloom is an informal evening of dance, wine and comedy. Choreographers in residence show excerpts of their work-in-progress on two consecutive Tuesdays in early evening. A sommelier pairs each dance with a wine, and a stand-up comedian offers their interpretation of each dance for the audience.

Bloom is a sandwich. A meeting between audience and artist, it contains a mash-up of opinions by association and lobby conversations chatting about a dance, and how to trust in what you see and what you know from what you see.

Bloom calls the artist to responsibility for what a casual observer will pick up. Bloom trains the artist to meet the monsters involved in their creation.

Jennifer Mascall

Bloom at Mascall Dance – Vimeo

The Evening: Spectators are invited to sample a variety of wines while taking in the 5-minute choreographic works-in-progress. A sommelier pairs each dance with a wine based on three adjectives that the choreographer chooses to describe their dance. Following each piece, a comedian will share their interpretation and experience with the audience -speaking kindly and humorously to what may be passing through all of our minds.

The Residency: Bloom is Mascall Dance’s creation residency for choreographers. With mentorship from Artistic Director Jennifer Mascall, choreographers are offered composition training, editing, feedback, and space and time to work in the company’s studio. The residency culminates in two informal showings, in which choreographers have the opportunity to share their work-in-progress for an audience in a welcoming cocktail-hour atmosphere.

Mascall Dance